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Are you considering Roll up Security Shutter?

Security is a major concern for many businesses, and many are often on the lookout for safety solutions that can enhance their premises’ safety. This article explains what roll up security shutters are, and the availablility for commercial and residential shutter applications, the type of material used to make them, and where you can get installation services.

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What are Roll Up Security Shutters?

They are shutters that are similar to other shutters, except that they improve the security of your premises. These shutters are made from aluminum and have been reinforced with a foam core for extra stiffness. Different shutters feature varying key-locking systems, which works to deter any potential burglars from trying to break into your property. Our products include garage doors, rolling steel door, security rolling shutters, and heavy duty aluminum roll up shutters for windows and doors.

Commercial and residential applications.

We can install a security shutter for both business and residential applications. The commercial rolling shutters are designed to complement your security interventions, such as perimeter walls, video surveilance, and gates. Our commercial rolling shutters are designed with extra care to protect and secure your commercial premises. Our company also offers residential rollshutter applications for use at home, thus enhancing your home security. We have a highly trained team experienced in installing rolling shutters for customers who want commercial shutters to boost commercial security and roller doors for enhanced energy saving and securing your residential windows and doors.

Why install Roll Up Security Shutters?

Are you considering installing a security shutter but not sure about it? If yes, here is a highlight of the potential benefits you will enjoy if you install the shutters.

  • They are easy to maintain and operate. One reason you should install a rollshutter is the easiness with which you can operate and maintain them. Roll up shutters are durable and will not need to be replaced for many years. As a result, you will not spend too much money servicing or repairing them. Installing the shutters allows you to keep your property safe at a lower cost.
  • They are suitable for different seasons. Roll up security shutters not only improve the aesthetics of your property but also are suitable for all seasons. Most of them are made from materials that can resist weather elements such as wind, dust, and moisture. This makes the rollshutters durable and functional, and capable of keeping your property safe all year round.
  • Using shutters on your garage doors allows you to enhance your security in style. Many people no longer fancy the old safety measures that include the construction of security gates, big bolts, and burglar bars. They want a more stylish and modern security equipment, hence the need to install shutters. Roll up security shutters are available in different standard ranges, and you can choose what fits your needs perfectly. They also come in different colors, implying that they can complement the aesthetics of your property.
  • You can customize heavy duty security shutters easily. One benefit of installing the shutters is that you can have them custom-made and designed to your liking. Customization makes it easy to install different types of security-enhancing shutters since they are made based on your window and door specifications. You can even use the rolling shutters to enclose your patios conveniently.
  • Installing shutters can lower your heating costs significantly and save you a few dollars. Having rollshutters installed can be helpful if you are working to minimize your home’s heating costs. They also offer significant protection against the storm, sunlight, and wind.

Type of material and construction

We use aluminum profiles injected with CFC-free foam in manufacturing our roll up door. This ensures that our products are durable, long lasting and capable of minimizing heat loss, thus saving energy. The materials are also resistant to weather elements like UV radiation and snow/rain. There are two types of rolling doors based on whether they have perforations or are non-perforated. They are also available in different colors.

Buyers can buy window shutters for their windows, service counters, doors, sheds, cottagesstorage, tambour doors, and shelving security. All of these are available as either perforated or non-perforate, and consumers can choose their preference. We also offer rollshutters in stronger, wind loading grade that is resistant to dents. Moreover, we offer injected slats for customers with Muskoka rooms, Porch enclosures, patios, small-med, pool houses, and agricultural builds, among many others.

Service Areas

Are you looking to professionally install commercial security shutters or residential shutters? Whether you want to install energy saving roller shutters at home or business, we are here to serve you. We install heavy duty commercial shutters and roll up doors to all our clients in the area. Our products are energy efficient and made from high-quality materials, making them highly durable. We install roller doors on your garage doors, windows, and rollers for people looking for a reliable security solution for their home or business. Our service areas include all of Toronto, Mississauga, Halton, Peel,  Durham and GTA .

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