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Our team is uniquely qualified with an array of past experience that can help you plan and build your project in a timely manner.


The founder has over 18 years experience in construction management, custom house builds, garage door service/installation and customer service. Oleh is dedicated to perfecting a project to its fullest potential. Dealing strictly with garage doors for the last 10 years Oleh has the experience necessary to plan for a project before tackling it. He strives in being responsive to all his customers and approaching requests in a timely manner. When faced with rollup shutter repairs, Oleh has the proper experience in troubleshooting and fixing your shutter professionally with the proper components.  Oleh is equipped with the skills and tools necessary to perfect any job.


The Senior Technician has over 10 years of construction experience in garage doors, façade garage doors, windows and doors, renovation and telecommunications. Nazar plans all the wiring and deals with your home automation experts to incorporate and automate your roll up shutters. He is equipped with the tools and skills necessary to deal with new products and find fresh solutions.

Customer satisfaction

The Rolling Doors goes above and beyond for its customers by standing by our warranty. Firstly, we think of any foreseeable problems and address them before starting the project. Secondly, we install our products to the highest standard. Additionally, we explain to our customers the operation of our products and limitation. Lastly, we always pick up our phone or call you back in case of emergencies.

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