Commercial Roll Up Doors

Commercial roll up doors for loading docks and service bays have become a popular option. Nowadays, property owners have various available options to choose from when it comes to business service doors. You can now select your favorable door according to your business needs, security, and durability. These types of doors are ideal for commercial service entrances and loading areas.

Roll up doors have a roll up mechanism and are more efficient and durable than typical doors. Heavy duty rolling doors will provide your money’s worth when well serviced and maintained. Learn more about rolling doors below.

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What Are Commercial Roll-up Doors?

Roll up doors work by traveling vertically and gathering into a roll. These doors are secure and provide significant value. They are the best option for you if you are looking for easy and convenient access to your warehouse or in other industrial applications. A roll up door for security will keep your business safe and secure, while providing ease of operation.

They come in various sizes, shapes, and configurations. Rolling doors are made from different materials to serve different requirements. It is advisable to contact a professional rolling garage door expert when choosing the best overhead door for your garage.

Other Commercial Applications of Rolling Doors and Shutters

Although some owners do not realize it, doors play a huge role in keeping the business safe and secure. Choosing the proper door for your commercial space will give you the peace of mind you need to serve your clients and grow your business. Here is everything you should know about roll up doors for commercial applications:

Commercial Roll up Doors

Professional rolling door experts near you can help you choose the products that are right for you and install rolling doors that take advantage of form and security to suit the needs of your business. Rolling shutter doors have several slats of interlocking aluminum or other composite materials. These slats roll up into a box. They are durable and secure.


The best way of keeping your storefront secure outside of working hours is to install a rolling door front of your store. This type of door will provide the security and convenience your storefront needs, especially if it is in a location with high of foot traffic like malls or a busy street.

Pop-up Store

Are you looking a stylish look for your upcoming short-term sales space? Rolling shutter doors are the ideal option for you if you want to secure your pop-up store. As is the case with other storefront door installations, the size will also play a huge role. Roll up doors for your pop-up store are a great option because they roll out of the way, are very compact and stylish.

Counter Shutter

Do you sell merchandise over a counter top? Counter shutters will be handy for your ticket booth, food court restaurant, among other businesses. Rolling doors for counter shutters are compact and provide safety and convenience.

Security Cabinets

Installing a rolling door is the best thing you can do if you want to keep your business documents safe. The door will deter intruders and keep your business documents away from an unintended individual. The good thing is that they can be custom-made to fit any frame.

Storage Units

You can now turn to roll up doors to keep your storage units safe. Apart from increased safety, these doors will also save space since they become a coil instead of running across the track. They are also durable and secure, thanks to the aluminum and other composite material.

Why Install Heavy Duty Rolling Doors?

Roll up commercial doors provide several benefits due to their functionality and durability. Learn more about the benefits of roll up doors below:

Highly Durable

These heavy duty roll up doors should be your go-to option if you want a door that will serve you for many years. The product is manufactured to ensure smooth operation. Moreover, these doors are made of individual slat that can be quickly replaced if one gets damaged . They can be insulate to maintain a comfortable working environment and may also provide some fire protection.

Enhanced Security

Rolling doors offer enhanced security thanks to the material and design. They deter crime and are almost impossible to break. You will have the peace of mind you deserve knowing your business premise is secure.

Easy to Maintain

These doors do not need major maintenance. The good thing with roll up garage doors is that you will not have to worry about lubrication and oiling.

Easy to Operate

In most cases these door can be lighter that a traditional warehouse door, and can be operate manually or via a motor.

Energy Efficiency

The material used to construct rolling doors reduce energy loss. Moreover, you can choose an energy-efficient operator to open and close your roll up doors.

Noise Reduction

Say goodbye to your noisy work spaces by installing rolling garage doors. With the additional insulation with in the core of each slat, you get an added layer of noise reductions, whether you are to keep noise out or in.

Type Of Material And Construction

Rolling doors are available in a variety of materials. Composite and aluminum are the most common materials used in the construction of rolling doors. Both materials have something to offer. For example, composite is strong and lightweight and does not dent quickly. Aluminum is lightweight and rust-resistant. Although aluminum is lightweight, it is strong enough to deter criminals.

We also carry steel roll up doors for clients who prioritize security.  Inquire with our team to compare options.

Commercial Roll up Doors Services

As the leading roll up doors specialists, we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of roll up door services including installation and servicing. Our professional team also provides design and selection services. We also provide maintenance and repair services. Discover what we do below:

Design and Selection

Our experts will work with you side by side to choose the right solution for your needs and preferences.


Our qualified and experienced team will work on your project on time. They have been providing timely and quality construction management, custom house builds, and garage door maintenance and installation.


Improve the performance and durability of your rolling door with our professional maintenance services.

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