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Cottage roll up shutters offer a range of benefits, from protecting your home to removing the need for curtains and blinds. Modern shutters are quieter and last longer than their predecessors. So, how do roll shutters work? And why do you need shutters on your house or holiday cottage?

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What Are Roll-up Shutters?

Cottage roll up shutters or roll shutters improve security and improve the life span of your windows and doors. These security rollshutters move on vertical tracks for extra security and better insulation from the elements.

To save on storage space, the shutter slants can roll-up. When you want to open the shutter, the slats move up onto a roller. The installation process includes putting the roller out of view of the window frame. The shutter consists of many horizontals slats that cannot slide from side to side due to the track and pins that lock each slat together.

The security rollshutters are quick and easy to lower and raise, and you can lift them manually or with the help of electric motors. Once the shutters are down, you get both a higher level of security, less noise from the outside, and near-zero light intrusion.

The common types of roll shutters are:

* BUILT-IN — The box that holds the roller is buried and hidden above the frame of the door or window. These are great for preserving the facia of a classic cottage and where you may have to uphold the building codes of your neighborhood.

* BUILT-ON — The roller box attaches to the exterior, above the frame of your window or door. These are simple to add to existing structures, quick to install, and cause little disruption to your windows.

* INTEGRATED — The roller is a part of the window frame. This type of roller will work on some windows. But if you want an integrated roller, you may need to change the whole window.

Benefits of Cottage Roll up Shutters

As with the security shutters you see in front of shop windows, storm shutters come in a range of colours to suit the exterior of your home. Rolling shutters are also the perfect light blocking solution for home cinemas and bedrooms. They will also keep your cottage warmer in the winter time so you can save money on heating cost.

Home & Cottage Security

Every entrance point to your home, or weekend cottage, is a weak spot for break-ins. You want to discourage anyone from even trying to get into your home. Cottage roll up shutters are the ultimate deterrent and can work in hand with other security systems you have installed, such as cameras.

Roller shutters also make a dramatic difference to the security and privacy of buildings around your cottage, like backyard bars, boathouses and pool cabanas. The shutter material is also stronger than glass and will not crack if someone tries to break in with a rock.


During the winter, you can experience blizzards, hail, or flying ice from the high winds. Aluminum or composite shutter slats protect your windows from etching or even breaking when things get extreme.

These shutter provide storm protection from fast-moving winds that carry debris with them, both large and small. Large objects like tree branches can break glass windows as they travel at high speed into your home. Fast-moving sand and dust can also damage your windows, etching the glass and the window frames.


If you are a sensitive sleeper, the smallest rays of sun light may wake you up. Our shutter blinds can help reduce the amount of exterior light hitting your bedroom. Roller shutters block everything out, from vehicle headlights to direct sunlight — you can even sleep during the middle of a summer’s day.


Another important factor for sleeping is noise pollution. You may have construction going on nearby or a busy road, and unwanted noise is hard to reduce. A window with double or triple glazing will help, but the glass and frame still convey sound. A roller shutter reflects much of the sound before it can get to the window.


Aluminum or composite shutter, depending on your preference, are both great options. Each material has its benefits and esthetics to better suit the style of your cottage. Aluminum is lightweight and long-lasting — good for windows.

You can choose the exterior of your roller shutter from an immense spectrum of colors. Single color slats are simple, look clean, and come in a range of shades to match your taste. We can also customize the styling to match wood and other textures.


The measurements of the roller slants must be exact since each system is pre-made, then assembled at your home. The slats that make up each shutter lock together to form a single, flexible sheet that can roll-up. This also means that if you need to change a single slat, you can, without having to replace the whole shutter.

The installation of the tracks and the roller-box must be precise to ensure the roller action is smooth and leveled. Slats come on roller tubes, and the operation of each roller tube can be manual or electric. These rollers are also either steel or aluminum, depending on the strength needed. Roll-up shutters are also in a new phase of materials and construction techniques.

Electric or Manual

Manual roller shutters are common since they are less complex and do not need a power source. Manual rollers are good for smaller windows and back doors that you may want to close up the home after the cottage months.

If the shutter spans large areas such as a garage, you will need to use a hand-winder or electric motor due to the extra weight. Electric systems can also connect to home security systems so that you can lock up with the touch of a single button.

Advice, Design, Installation & Maintenance

To get a better idea if cottage roll up shutters are right for your home, you are going to need more information. There are many roller shutter designs. A shutter design for each of the many individual styles and budgets of the diverse GTA, Toronto, Ontario-area homeowner as well as cottage owners in the Barrie, Muskoka and North Bay area.

To get the best solution for your home , you need the knowledge of a professional. The Rolling Doors specializes in roller shutters of all types, including storm and security shutters for residential and commercial uses . We can also help with maintaining and upgrading your older shutter system.

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