If whether you’re remodeling or constructing your house, cottage, patio, or boathouse, we can install a rolling shutter garage door that’s great for your project. The following sections will go into further detail about the applications of the individual types of these shutters and their benefits.

Window/Storm Shutters

If you live in an area with adverse weather conditions and hurricanes are a natural occurrence, then storm shutters are necessary for your home. They will mitigate damage caused by storms to your windows by preventing debris from flying into them.

Garage Door

Of course, the mostly common application in the residential sector for rolling garage doors. These doors rollup into a spring so you can have more room in your garage compared to on-track garage systems. So you can store other items or hang them from the top. Each door is custom made to not only fit your house depending on the size, but also you can choose what style and colour best works for you. More about Roll Up Garage Doors and Steel Garage Doors.

Home Theater

Nothing is better than having the movie theater experience in your own home, and nothing is worse than having your movie be ruined by a room that can’t be as dark as you’d like it to be because of the sunlight leaking in. Rolling shutters installed on any windows can block out any sunlight and provide you with the darkness you require.

Patio Doors

Patio doors provide quick and easy access to your backyard and are aesthetically pleasing. The only downside is that if left unsecured they can also lead to intruders breaking into your home. Installing a patio rolling shutter will deter trespassers trying to access your household, and protects your patio door from storms and strong wind.


Rolling shutter doors also have cottage applications. If your cottage or cabin is in an area susceptible to environmental threats like storms/hurricanes, rolling garage doors are a great option. They are also energy efficient and protect you from break-ins so you can relax and enjoy your vacation. Install them on your windows, patio doors, or garages. More info on Cottage Roll Up Shutters.


One of the biggest concerns when it comes to having a door for your boathouse is water damage. Our rolling shutter doors are made out of rust-proof materials to minimize rust and rot. With environmental and burglary protection added on top, you will have trouble finding a better option.

Pool house

Rolling shutters can be placed in on any windows, garage’s, or doors in your pool house. Eliminate the risks of unwanted persons coming into your pool house when you are or aren’t staying there. They also provide storm and weather protection if your pool house is in an area that usually has poor weather conditions. Check out more info on Cabana & Pool House Shutters

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