Outside Bar Roll Up Window - Pool House Cabana Shutters

Michael Burgess
Michael Burgess
I hired The Rolling Doors to put a new garage door on in order to increase the space inside my garage. Wow - they did a great job. One month in, and I am very happy with the product. The team was very knowledgeable and they provide amazing support. Highly recommend and would definitely use them again myself.
Oscar Naziri
Oscar Naziri
Erick and his team at the rolling doors did a wonderful job with my elevator's opening. They managed to complete the job just before the holidays. It looks very clean, and I'm very pleased. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for automated doors.
scott windsor
scott windsor
The good things about working with this company: 1) I got quotes from 3 different companies and they provided the best price 2) Nazir and his brother were very knowledgeable in explaining all the available options for my job and the pros and cons and considerations 3) They showed up when they said they would and left the job site clean and tidy Nazir was highly responsive in all instances- in providing the initial quote, scheduling the job and responding to an issue I had with the door post-installation. I’m happy to support this hard working independent business owner.
Michael Patterson
Michael Patterson
Oleh and Pavel know their stuff. Fair prices and great knowledge is rare. Highly recommend.
Jim Whitnall
Jim Whitnall
Just installed our new roll up door. Very easy to install and looks great!
P Valjas
P Valjas
Really pleased with the final product and the technical support offered by Erick and his team. I had a unique situation by installing onto a timber frame structure. Erick asked for photos and made sure the steel roll up could be installed before selling me the product. After hearing what my expectations were, he suggested what turned out to be the perfect door for my needs. The price was right as well. I highly recommend this company.
Ivan Silin
Ivan Silin
pleasure to work with and great product!!
Nazir and his team were absolutely fantastic to work with. He was very knowledgeable and was so obviously committed to providing the best product and installation experience. I had a laneway rolling door installed and he guided me through the process from start to finish. He was professional, prompt, personable and completely honest. I've already gotten a few compliments on my rolling door and I'm very satisfied. Would highly, highly recommend!
Jonathan Rabinovitch
Jonathan Rabinovitch
Oleh installed our roll-up door a couple years ago. It was perfectly done and looks great! He was great to deal with. There was some weather damage to the door recently and Oleh came by to fix it promptly. What truly excellent service!
Bruno Malfara
Bruno Malfara
Amazing door and install Extremely pleased

Experience the best of summer with premium-quality cabana shutters for your outdoor bar. These shutters provide both security and ease of use, serving as a barrier against harsh weather conditions and unauthorized entry.

Our shutters are equipped with automatic openers, allowing convenient access to your outdoor bar through remote, keypad, or smartphone controls. Manual operation is also available.

For over 15 years, our team at The Rolling Doors have been designing and installing roll up doors and security shutters in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area. Reach out to us for a FREE QUOTE and give your home or business’s cabana bar a stunning makeover.

Table of Contents

Cabana Shutters Provide Security & Convenience

Enhance your space with our cabana shutters—offering a perfect blend of security and convenience. Explore how our shutters protect against the elements and provide hassle-free access with automatic openers.

Shutters Protect Against Weather & Intruders

Our cabana shutters prioritize functionality by offering reliable protection against adverse weather and potential intruders. Crafted for durability, these shutters act as a robust barrier, securing your pool house or outdoor bar in various weather conditions.

Designed to withstand storms and deter unwanted access, these shutters provide a practical solution for safeguarding your space without compromising on aesthetics.

rolling cabana shutters

Control Roll Up Shutters With Automatic Opener

Experience convenience with our cabana shutters equipped with automatic openers, designed for simplicity whether at home or in your business space. Choose between manual or automatic options to suit your preference. Our motorized openers offer flexible security, allowing for different access controls tailored to your needs.

Operate shutters effortlessly with a compact remote control or a wall-mounted keypad, providing easy and secure access. For advanced control, connect shutters to a wifi network and manage them remotely through a user-friendly smartphone app. Our automatic opener options ensure hassle-free operation, offering seamless functionality for your convenience.

Roller Shutters for Pool House Doors

Elevate your pool house experience with our innovative roll-up door technology. Tailored for homeowners, these shutters provide an ideal combination of security and convenience. Seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality as you effortlessly control access to your outdoor oasis. Whether enhancing privacy or safeguarding against the elements, our roller shutters for pool house doors offer a stylish solution for those seeking a secure and welcoming entrance to their recreational space.

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We are located in the Greater Toronto Area and all our products and installation services are delivered under warranty. Contact us today to receive a FREE QUOTE and to learn more about our cabana shutters and pool house roll up doors. A member of our team will be available to address any inquiries you may have about the design and setup.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we specialize in the design and installation of roll up doors and shutters for cabanas. We are committed to providing the best solution for both homeowners and businesses.

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