Benefits of Rolling

This rolling shutter system is made up of individual slats of interlocking aluminum that roll up into a shutter box. Not only are they very durable, they also most importantly provide protection from entry from intruders and environmental conditions. They also come fully customizable to fit any opening and are available in many colours.


Break-ins happen everyday in Canada. In 2017, there was over 150,000 total breaking and entering violations in Canada. Not only are there costs in property damage that need to be covered, there is also emotional consequences that are not so easily fixed. You can’t go wrong with investing in intruder-proof measures and we can help install a garage door that’s best for your home.

Weather Protection

Besides break-ins, there’s other possible threats that we can’t control and can damage your home and property. The best way to combat this is to mitigate the damage as much as we can. Our rolling shutters are made of aluminum and injected with CFC-free foam. If plan to install a rolling garage door in an area prone to high winds and storms, you can choose to install a stronger, stiffer foam for better dent resistance and wind protection.

Total Privacy

With a rolling shutter door installed, not only do you keep your property and home safe from outside threats, you also keep your property private from prying eyes. You can keep your prized possessions unknown to outsiders who are looking to commit a break-in. Keeping your valued assets concealed is a deterrent for criminals looking to commit a burglary.

Energy Efficiency

The materials used in out aluminum shutters are not only durable but also help reduce energy loss. We can have a wide selection of operators to open or close the garage door depending on your energy requirements. There are manual operators such as a push up design or you can get an electronic motor operated door with a wireless key fob.

Reduce Noise

Nobody likes a noisy garage door. Rolling garage doors use a spring coil system that are more quiet than the regular on-track garage doors you typically see in homes. With the reduced noise you won’t have to worry about rudely waking up or interrupting your neighbors or other housemates while you open or close the door at inconvenient times of the day.

Sun Protection

Not only do these doors protect your property from the weather, they also protect you from the harmful UV rays in the summer. The sun’s harmful UV rays can warp and damage unprotected garage doors. Our aluminum profiles are injected with CFC-free foam to mitigate the damage caused by UV radiation.

Blackout & Room Darkening

On top of protection from the sun, these door’s can even block out sunlight completely. If you have a room in your house that you want to be completely pitch black, a home theatre for example, then the rolling shutters can help you achieve that desired effect.

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